Arborite Plus - Renewing and Resurfacing

Are you thinking of painting your arborite countertop to renew and rejuvenate it? Before you do, consider these important points:

  • Ask around - most do-it-yourself countertop projects end up with unsatisfactory results
  • Paint, no matter the quality of paint, will chip and wear away too fast
  • Having your countertop re-surfaced with our stone-spray finish is a long-lasting, cost-effective and beautiful solution
Renewing your arborite countertop by having it re-surfaced with our professionally applied epoxy coating leaves a granite-like finish that is stain-resistant, heat-resistant and looks gorgeous. Call us to arrange a quote for your countertop.

Old Countertop

Countertop before

Renewed Countertop

Countertop after
David Charlesworth
Owner and Spray Artist of New Style Granite
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